Vicky Maier 

Welcome! My name is Vicky, I am an artist working in the fields of performance art, theatre, storytelling, film, puppetry, installations and and and... have a look around!

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Venice International Performance Art Week, Image by Lorenza Cini

The collaborative performance "Becoming my non-binary body: roots extending invisibly" together with Steef Kersbergen is an example for my body based performance art.

Uitnacht Festival - Theater a/d Rijn, Image by daz disley

The haptic sound installation "Of Monsters & Bears" invites you to cuddle with the huge teddy bear, listen to his stories and find yourself in in safe space to get in contact with your own fears.

Watch the trailer here.

Home of Performance Practices, Image by Fenia Kotsopoulou

"Creature Chronicles" is a storytelling and theatre show, working with elements of comedy, drag, puppetry and audience participation to challenge patriarchal and heteronormative structures in the field of comedy.

To see a short storytelling example at Mezrab, House of Stories in Amsterdam 2023 click here.

Performance Art Video, Image by Steef Kersbergen

"Waiting with the Waters" is a performance based film project on the topic of climate emergency. Together with Steef Kersbergen we explore the effects of the rising sea level in the Netherlands through Solastalgia and poetry. 

Still screening on PAV. To get to the video click here.


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